Victoria- Age is just a number!


victoriaWhy is finishing a good book so sad? Is it because it was such a good read? Or the coming to an end feels like leaving a wonderful world? For me it’s the ending of the characters you become attached to.

As a vivid non-fiction reader, I rarely switch to fiction, however this has a slight twist of difference with it being to do with history. Victoria is a tale written by Daisy Goodwin, which has gone onto be a huge ITV drama.
I love love love a period drama, Downton Abbey had me gripped from the start and this has filled the big void left behind it.
The novel  is based on the life of queen Victoria from the moment she becomes queen aged just 18, we then see her cope with the new found responsibilities and the  journey to meeting Prince Albert. I love all the characters it formed such a clear image on how everything is and how I’d imagined to be, I could barely put the book down reading it within 4 days with any time I had spare at work!

         “They think I am still a little girl who is not capable of being a Queen.”

The queen herself kept a diary since the age of 12 and is thought to of wrote over 65 million words throughout her life, the book captures the spirit of the character through some of these findings. Victoria herself is striking due to her attitude to doing her own thing something she was very famous for, she easily could of been led astray by the ghastly Sir John Conroy, who has been waiting an incredibly long time to work his way to some form of power. Something he clearly has a grasp on with Victoria’s mother Duchess of Kent who is weak and is desperate for direction of what is left of her life, we sense fear for her own life as well as her daughter’s. Victoria’s sense of humor always adds value to the story, little quips here and there, we also see in moments that she is just an 18 year old girl who is learning as she goes, inheriting the throne with her devoted country by her side.


Victoria and her beloved Lord M. Photo credit:Goodreads

The only critical things I have to say, and this is just me being a cynic.. I really wanted Victoria to end up with Lord M! Yes it is not allowed but he’s the only character I truly cared about, he had good qualities and his one intention was to make sure Victoria was okay, he was the one who knew how to handle her feisty attitude and to know she was her own woman, not to be messed with! Yet it is said their relationship soon after took a more father daughter approach something that appeases me greatly.

The journey to meeting Prince Albert did feel a bit rushed, perhaps it felt a little forced, or maybe due to my cynicism towards Lord M I wanted it to be a bit different. I do like that Victoria put her stubbornness aside for a while to allow herself to fall for Albert, yet her feistiness still remained a true queen!


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