Jackie… Iconic or fairytale?

Not just about reading today.. I recently watched the Oscar nominated film about Jackie Kennedy. The film documents the famous LIFE interview conducted just 5 days after her husbands shocking assassination. The film focuses on the intrigue and mystery surrounding one of the most beloved and iconic First Ladies.

Whilst the film was enjoyable, it seemed to romanticise the image of JFK as a loving husband, gone were the affairs, controversies surrounding his ties with Frank Sinatra, the mob and even Marilyn Monroe.

We are left with a insight in to how Jackie truely conducted herself, with grace and a smile on her face for her children, husband and country. Does this come across as cliche at times… yes, as stated by the lady herself “Everyone loves a fairytale”


Natalie Portman as the famous Jackie Kennedy. Photo credit: Telegraph

And it is this that cements what we all truly love.. A good romantiaced hyped version of historical events!

Of course the very minute details of their sordid lives needn’t be featured as the target audience are those in the know of the famous Kennedy family.

Intricate in small details, highlighting how her and JFK’s brother Bobby dealt with the situation and that no extravagance was spared by Jackie, the film deals with her honesty and wanting to carry on that film star quality image portrayed in the media.

It is films like these that highlight my love for non-fiction. It’s exciting, thrilling and knowing it’s true events, it’s a fun learning experience.. That does sound incredibly geeky, however it’s true!

Learning about the past can make us understand people, and the way the media works in portraying them!

I’ve been interested in Jackie Kennedy in particular due to the mystery of her, how she handled herself during the campaign years and the infamous extra marital affairs her husband committed. In the previous post’s about author J. Randy he has has wrote many books on the Kennedy’s such as After Camelot, Jackie, Ethel and Joan. These books are of course in my growing wish-list to purchase!

Are there any featured on this list or any of my book worm friends who would recommend any others not mentioned? Let me know I’d like to hear your comments!


The first Kennedy book in the collection. Photo credit: Amazon.com

But hurray the first Kennedy book has been bought as part of my wonderful waterstones 10th free stamp card! I decided to start with the man himself: JFK’s letters, this way I can form the opinion of him myself without being biased.

This way I can then delve into the 600 page book of J.Randy.. I’ll keep you updated.. Wish me luck!


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