Frank Sinatra- The man behind the Legend

For someone of my age I know very little about the rat pack years and Frank Sinatra. I know a few classics i.e. – My way, New York New York, Something’ Stupid. The big ones, I knew nothing of him as a person, this book is full of so much information- this man is crazy, and has certainly lived a jam packed life. I give it to him he really didn’t give a s**t about what he did.

After reading Marilyn’s story, I began wondering about these big legends and the real story behind the PR perfection. Frank Sinatra truly only cared about himself, he cared about his children but the portrayal I got whilst reading was it was Frank’s way or the highway. I admire his confidence and sticking to what he believed. He was incredible stubborn used to getting his own way yet his loyalty to his Italian-American roots is detrimental to his character and out of loyalty to his rat pack buddies in particular Sammy Davies Jr when shunned due to his race.


Unseen photos featured in the book. Photo Credit: Daily Mail

There’s no doubt he’s talented that come into question at all, but at what price did it effect his family life? I felt throughout so much sympathy for his children, each one affected different to his behavior. Nancy Jr being the apple of Frank’s eye, he could do no wrong to her. Tina being father like daughter, fierce and stubborn calling him out on his behavior several times. Whilst Frank Jr chose to do his own thing and focus on his own singing career. I must admit I did struggle to read some parts as I really didn’t know much in reference to music in the 30’s and 40’s so some was lost on me. However for those who love the swinging’ early years the stories are great none the less!

Although everyone talks about his links to the mob, I felt the emphasis that people to this day talk about was unnecessary, the thing that shocked me more was his temper. Family members, ex-wives/lovers, colleagues and friends all agreed of his awful temper but try to justify it as passion. In today’s culture were we raise awareness to how bad it can be it would be condoned, it can be odd to how blaze they are about it, and the excuse is “That’s just how it was back then”

Never the less listening to his music whilst writing this, it’s hard to think of this smooth sounding Lothario as anything other than dreamy, the power of ole blue eyes indeed. A must read for anyone who loves Frank Sinatra or anyone interested in the rat pack years, Marilyn scandal or the loyalty faced with JFK period.


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