Book worms unite!

I’ve come to the conclusion to finally begin a blog…why I here you cry? With so many books being read each month, I have so much to say and share with fellow book worms like myself.

On average I’m reading 3 books at a time, each one various in topic and in different locations

  1. At work Of course on breaks and canteen lunch, allows me to break away from the reality and delve into the paper realm I love.
  2. The good old bath because what is more relaxing than reading in a bubble bath?
  3. Spare time in my room, anything that is in to be read pile on the bedside cabinet is being read!

Reading has always been fun to me, and it’s been fallen back in love with it more than ever, there’s nothing lovelier then walking into a book store, reading other people’s book recommendations and watching that book shelf grow in collections! Research states that just 6 minutes a day… just 6…Can relieve stress almost instantly.

My heart belongs to Non-fiction nothing better than learning of past and present topics and culture, the recent string of books have been stirred from real life being turned into films, which in turn makes me want to learn about the history behind the 90 minutes of film I’ve watched. I tend to do a quick research about the people on Wikipedia… I know I’m terrible.

But these quick snippets of information has led me to read some of those most interesting books in the last couple of months, it is this which has made me to create a blog about what I’ve read along with what I’ll be reading in the current month! I’ve tried to keep this as brief as possible to prevent me babbling, I’ll save that for the first book post on the infamous Kray twins after the jump!


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